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Acknowledgments (Sustainability Impact Assessment)

First of all, the Alliance thanks the 5 student interns whose hard work made this project possible:

  • Olivia Barz (Lehigh ’19)
  • Ryan Dougherty (Lafayette ’19)
  • Harris Eisenhardt (SUNY–ESF ’19)
  • Ashley Kushner (Lafayette ’19)
  • Brandy Moser (Boston University ‘21)

The project team thanks the many community leaders for their assistance—and is especially grateful to Lin Erickson, Executive Director of Da Vinci Science Center, for her encouragement and assistance.

  • Anna Smith, Executive Director, Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem
  • Dan Sobrinski, Leader of Sustainability Solutions, WSP Group
  • Rosemarie Lister, Community Health Liaison Manager, St. Luke’s University Health Network
  • Charles Elliott, Planning Commission, City of Easton
  • Mary Wilford-Hunt, Professor, Engineering Studies, Lafayette College
  • Sal Panto, Mayor, City of Easton
  • Rachel Hogan-Carr, Director, Nurture Nature Center
  • Kate Semmens-Berti, Science Director, Nurture Nature Center
  • Keri Maxfield, Art Director, Nurture Nature Center
  • Robert Freeman, State Representative
  • Dawn Hart, Director of Economic Development, City of Easton
  • Tina Roseberry, Director of Planning and Zoning, City of Easton
  • Don Morris, Professor of Earth & Environmental Science, Lehigh University
  • Karen Beck Pooley, Professor of Political Science & Director of Environmental Policy Design program, Lehigh 
    (listed in the order in which the project team met with them.)

This project also draws on work completed this spring by Courtney Cohen (Lafayette College ’21), who explored the effects of environmental education and communications, and Sarah Steenbergen (Muhlenberg College ’18), who explored the dimensions of health impact assessments.

Additional ideas came from ‘Easton River Walk – Bridging Community, History, and Landscape’, a 2017 presentation by Lafayette College students Matthew Baldino ’18, Steven Cohen ’18, Tucker Emery ’17, Kelly Hogan ’18, Emily Maj ’18, Katherine Millar ’18, Bryan Sherrill ’18, and Dawei Zhang ’17.

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