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Community Engagement

Here are some initial thoughts on the community engagement process: Government agencies frequently accept public comment on proposed plans or projects, but the primary purpose is often only to fulfill a legal requirement. Members of the community often do not … more

Producing the Good Life: How Can the Economy Work for Us?

The Alliance convenes community dialogues on a variety of subjects that affect sustainability, bringing together organizations and individuals working on different aspects of an issue to promote partnerships and understanding. All Community Dialogues are free and open to the public. … more

Political Involvement for the Sake of Our Communities

by Greta Browne and Guy Gray Is your participation in the electoral process limited to voting on election day? Maybe in the primaries too? On the other hand, do you remember a time when you felt hopeful, fascinated, enthusiastic, inspired by … more

Evolve Towards Involvement

by Alexandra Edelstein How can a disconnected, unresponsive population be empowered to take responsibility for their community? This questions is not easy to answer, but is at the heart of any discussion on community governance and justice. In Fall 2009, … more

Rekindling Local Democracy

by Jessica Stuart The American democracy that has been embraced by citizens as a means of equality and justice is in a state of decline. In our flawed democratic system, certain groups of citizens are deprived the opportunity to participate … more

Sustainability Through Localization

by Gwen Colegrove and Cathy Frankenberg Change, Change, Oh Change, She Is A-Comin’! And what is driving this change? Why, the end of cheap oil. This means that our lifestyles will change. But, oh, so many of us hate change. … more