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Sustainability Doings: November 27, 2015 – “Best/Worst of Times?”

A time to celebrate. A time to mourn. President Obama announced his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline on November 6. Calls to celebrate the victory are in from 350.org; Sierra Club; CREDO Action; Berks Gas Truth; NRDC; and others. … more

Israel – Palestine background

The complex and violent situation in Israel & Palestine deserves our attention and action. In the Middle East and elsewhere, war, terrorism, and violence destroy communities and people as they consume vast amounts of economic and natural resources. This alone … more

Needed: An end to half-truths and falsehoods!

This page contains an opinion piece by Mark L. Goldstein and a response by Peter Crownfield. Both call for an end to half-truths and falsehoods, but they have different ideas about the full truth….. Morning Call June 15, 2010 Israeli action … more

Why did Israel attack the USS Liberty?

Why, really, was the USS Liberty attacked by Israel? by Alan Hart The following is my keynote address to the annual re-union dinner of the Liberty Veterans’ Association Long Island, 12 June 2010—I want to begin by saying that though … more

Dennis Kucinich’s Statement on Israel & Palestine

Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, today I join my colleagues in Congress in celebrating Israel’s accomplishments over the past 60 years. I am happy to be co-sponsor of this congratulatory resolution. However, like many Israelis and Palestinians, I have concerns about … more

The Real Threat of the Freedom Flotilla

In These Times June 8, 2010   The Real Threat Aboard the Freedom Flotilla   The Freedom Flotilla defied Israel’s policy of blocking solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict based on international decisions, and so it must be crushed.     … more

Israel | Palestine links

Following are some links to websites that have information, opinion, and resources beyond what you will find in the mainstream media in the United States [don”t miss the Rachel Corrie links at the bottom!]. Many of these issues are discussed in … more

Jewish challenges to Zionism

by Gabriel Ash, Emily Katz Kashawi, Mich Levy, Sara Kershnar, June 2010 In June 2010, two opposite ends of the Jewish political spectrum will vie for one historical moment. As Israel and the Zionist movement struggle to maintain their century-long pull … more