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FYI: News you won’t find in mainstream media

There’s a Toxic Weed Killer on the Menu in K-12 Schools Across the US –  Glyphosate has been found in over 70 percent of oat-based breakfast cereals served in US schools. Creative Communities Are Addressing Social Isolation –  Social connections … more

How can we remove primary barriers to sustainability?

[possible summer project] What are the biggest barriers to sustainability? It will take more than dealing with fossil fuels and GHG reduction. We like to think of our society as fair & just, providing equal opportunity for all. And we … more

Ag policy is health policy

Long a strong advocate for healthier food and small growers, Health Care Without Harm points out in a recent fact sheet what should be obvious: ag policy is also health policy (& climate policy). By supporting agribusiness and unsustainable crops, the US … more

Climate Action Plan

[summer project] Considering the urgent IPCC report early last fall, the updated National Climate Assessment, and the positive (but less-than-optimal) results from COP24, effective climate-action planning is clearly more urgent than ever. In this project, a small team of interns … more

Sustainability for cafés and brewpubs

[summer project] This internship fits our belief that all businesses & institutions need to move away from ‘business as usual’ and explore ways to be more sustainable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions [GHG] in every way possible. I was asked by … more

Editing & Publishing (Spring 2019)

Help publish the 2019 edition of the Alliance’s annual Sustainable Lehigh Valley booklet. Update content, help select & edit essays and other written material, and learn to lay out the final publication using InDesign professional publishing software. [No previous InDesign … more

FYI: Fracking chemicals still showing up in PA freshwater mussels

Environmental Health News, 10 September 2018—Chemicals from fracking wastewater dumped into Pennsylvania’s Allegheny River before 2011 are still accumulating in the bodies of freshwater mussels downstream, according to a new study. The study, published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental … more

FYI: Weekend reading from AFSC

Just came across this interesting newsletter from the American Friends Service Committee [AFSC]. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition to stop Congress from expanding deadly immigrant detention (if you haven’t signed, you can still add your name here). … more

Do you buy chocolate produced by slaves?

Those who buy chocolate (or coffee or tea or bananas or …) that does not follow international FairTrade standards are saving money by buying the products of exploitation. Demand that shops carry FairTrade and eliminate products based on exploiting others! … more

Peter’s blog: ‘Slavery & Prisons today’

Thanks to the 13th Amendment, a person convicted of a crime can be forced to work as punishment. And thanks to widespread racism in society, law enforcement, the courts, and the prison system, Black people are vastly more likely to wind … more