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Peter’s blog: Freedom under attack — CitizenFour

CitizenFour, the acclaimed documentary about Edward Snowden, is widely available. Maybe we need to remind ourselves that the Snowden’s disclosures may have faded into the background, but the U.S. government’s all-out assault on democracy & freedom continues today, and the ongoing … more

FYI: ‘Stuff, Wealth, and the End of Democracy’

An economy based on expansion and consumerism is destructive to humanity and the planet’s environmental health, and the greed that drives globalization and capitalism is also driving the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, yet another ‘free trade agreement’ that has a little … more

FYI: Whistleblowers, Warrior Cops, and the Growing Security State

Recent articles depicting increasingly invasive & authoritarian practices of the government, including violent & militarized local police forces: 10 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Obama’s Security State, by Juan Cole – Reader Supported News, August 2013 Manning Defense Exposes … more

FYI: Whistleblowers for democracy [UPDATED]

The mainstream media seem to parrot the government line that whistleblowers are a threat to national security. [In reality, they are only a threat to the corrupt officials who are the real threat to our nation.] Why the Ruling Class … more

FYI: Capitalism, Financialism, & Democracy

Here are some recent news articles and blog posts that are ‘must read’ if you’re concerned about the extent to which unregulated capitalism & financialization of the economy are strongly anti-democratic: The Next American Revolution Has Already Begun (interview with … more

Occupy Wall Street’s Moral Ground

By Kathleen Moore in Yes! Magazine, November 1, 2011] Much of the Occupy movement’s power comes from a simple moral message: It’s wrong to wreck the world. It’s wrong to wreck the health and hopes of others. The Occupy Wall … more

Bethlehem Police Supports Occupy Bethlehem

The following statement by the Bethlehem Police Department is a positive response to the Occupy! movement. We’ve posted it here because it is also a good recap of the reasons why protest is not only important, but is also protected … more

Ted Morgan: From Occupation to Democratization

From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy (Everywhere) Together and now to Saturday’s Global Occupation protests, the protest moment has spread like wildfire. For me, this brings to mind the way a four-student sit-in at the Woolworths’ lunch counter in Greensboro, … more

Statement from the NYC General Assembly

Following is the first collective statement from the New York City General Assembly, issued October 5 2011. As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. … more

OccupyWallStreet – Media Silence on Major Story

Did you see all the major headlines or national news stories about the amazing happenings with the OccupyWallStreet movement?  Neither did I. Here a few of the happenings that have at least been mentioned, although not really covered in detail: … more