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Advocating for Change in the Criminal Justice System

This semester, I have done extensive research into the criminal justice system and believe that how the US handles crime and punishment is fundamentally flawed. I am calling for campuses to hold a criminal justice week that will make students … more

Death Penalty in Slow Motion

Most of the inmates at the facility that I am interested in are there for non-violent (specifically drug-related offenses). The process of re-entry for those in jail for shorter periods of time is much different from those who are imprisoned … more

My Personal Prison Project

I am on a quest to make a change in this world. Inequality, injustice, and inhumanity exist around us, and we need to open our eyes to it. Last year, I joined a club at my university called the Prison … more

FYI: Weekend reading from AFSC

Just came across this interesting newsletter from the American Friends Service Committee [AFSC]. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition to stop Congress from expanding deadly immigrant detention (if you haven’t signed, you can still add your name here). … more

Peter’s blog: ‘Facts & Fiction’

I saw my copy of A People’s History of the United States the other day, and it reminded me that many of the ‘facts’ we learn in school or read in the media turn out to be false—news & ‘history’ … more

Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Misconduct

Fortunately, most law enforcement officers and justice system officials are honest and try their best to do the right thing — but there are some who do not, some who use their power in ways that compromise people’s rights and harm … more

Colleges & Universities Trivialize Rape

Universities are some of the worst offenders when it comes to undermining the problem of rape and violence against women. This article is bad enough, but if you really want to be outraged, read some of the linked accounts. By … more

Bethlehem Police Supports Occupy Bethlehem

The following statement by the Bethlehem Police Department is a positive response to the Occupy! movement. We’ve posted it here because it is also a good recap of the reasons why protest is not only important, but is also protected … more

Troy Davis Murdered September 21

Troy Davis was murdered on Wednesday, September 21, and the people who killed him are well known. But they will not be punished! The killers justify their action by saying that Davis was convicted of killing a police officer in … more

Community Justice

 We need a justice system that serves and strengthens the community. We need to include the community in the processes of justice, and develop more collaborative approaches. We call this community justice. And we need to focus on restorative practices to help heal … more