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Organized Localization

by Tom Church Our present society values commercial success over ecological sustainability. We fear scarcity more than we celebrate abundance. People cope with the pressure of living in this atmosphere in as many ways as there are people. In this … more

Going Local

… focusing on the importance of going local to reap the advantages of local economic transactions. (For example, about 45¢ of every dollar spent at a locally-owned business circulates within the community, compared to only about 15¢ if spent elsewhere.) … more

Producing the Good Life: How Can the Economy Work for Us?

The Alliance convenes community dialogues on a variety of subjects that affect sustainability, bringing together organizations and individuals working on different aspects of an issue to promote partnerships and understanding. All Community Dialogues are free and open to the public. … more

The End of Capitalism, Part 1

Part 1. Crisis and Opportunity MC: The current financial crisis is clearly a moment of peril for both individuals and the broader system of capitalism. But would it also make sense to see it as a moment of opportunity? AK: … more

The End of Capitalism, Part 3

Social Limits and the Crisis MC: Capitalism has faced many moments of crisis over time. Is there something different about the present crisis? What makes the end of capitalism a possibility now? AK: As I described in the last section, … more

The End of Capitalism, Part 4

Life After Capitalism MC: Moving forward, how would you ideally envision a post-capitalist world? And if capitalism manages to survive (as it has in the past), is there still room for real change? AK: First let me repeat that even … more

Building a Local Living Economy

by Julie Thomases As part of the socially responsible business movement, the Sustainable Business Network of the Lehigh Valley was founded in 2006. SBNLV supports a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit, considering the needs of all stakeholdersemployees, … more

Local for the Future

by Christina Bianco In a market economy, the main goal is to achieve efficiency. Given that this statement is true, why do businesses ship products across state and international borders when the local community is capable of supplying the same … more

Need to make a purchase? Think Independent!

by Kim Schaffer and Josh Bushey Have you made a purchase from an independent Lehigh Valley business recently… a T-shirt, a meal, home goods, or a gift for a loved one? If so, you probably got something pretty cool—the Lehigh … more