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Reports, Posters, & Articles by Interns

Internship Projects

The following reports, articles, and posters were prepared by students as part of their internship work:

  • Brewing Sustainability – This project on sustainability in the craft brewing industry was prompted by the ever-increasing number of small breweries and brewpubs in the Lehigh Valley and by the realization that brewing is quite an energy-intensive process and therefore a GHG-intensive process.
    [Brewing Sustainability PDF]
  • Advocating for Change in the Criminal Justice System – this project examined the many injustices in the justice system and successful ways some communities deal with these problems. Victoria Campbell [Lehigh ’20] created a proposal for colleges & universities in the Lehigh Valley to hold a week focusing on these systemic problems and ways to solve them [Advocating for Change in the Justice System PDF]
  • Sustainability Impact Assessment – looking at the Da Vinci Science City project proposal for Easton, prepared by Olivia Barz (Lehigh University ’19), Ryan Dougherty (Lafayette College ’19), Harris Eisenhardt (SUNY – ESF  ’19), Ashley Kushner (Lehigh University ’19), Brandy Moser (Boston University ’21). Summer 2018. [Recap & link to download report as PDF]
  • Changing Communications in a Warming World – An analysis of the failures of environmental education and the lack of clear communication during natural disasters, by Courtney Cohen [Lafayette ’20]. Independent Study for Community Planning for Resilience & Sustainability. [PDF]
  • Police & Citizens – Respect, Understanding & Collaboration – An examination of the strained relations between communities and the police, by Emily Kim [Lafayette ’18] [PDF]
  • Global Warning: Why the proper spread and use of information on college campuses is necessary for combating climate change, by Katherine Stevens. [Lafayette 2015.pdf] Internship: Campus Sustainability.
  • Health concerns with synthetic turf research by Kendall Garden, Lehigh ’16 & Play It Safe (original poster design also by Kendall Garden)
  • Exploring Preliminary Recommendations for the Climate and Sustainability Commitment, by Christina Cilento, Nicole Karsch, & Hanna Brosky. (Interim report, August 2014) [BASD report F1.pdf]. Internship: Climate & Sustainability in Schools.
  • Climate and Sustainability Commitment for Bethlehem Area School District (April 2014), by Lindsay Meiman [Lehigh ’14]. Internship: Climate Action. BASD Commitment + chart [PDF includes commitment as adopted plus preliminary draft of action steps].
  • Beyond Recycling: A Call to Institutionalize Sustainability at Moravian College (June 2013), by Garth Denton-Borhaug [Moravian ’13]. Internship: Campus Sustainability [includes attachments; file size ~ 3 MB]
    Garth also wrote ‘Moravian College at the United Nations Climate Negotiations‘ for the 2013 Sustainable Lehigh Valley directory.
  • Sustainability & Muhlenberg (May 2013), by Leah Boecker [Muhlenberg ’15]. Internship: Communications & Media
    Leah’s primary work was to analyze, edit, and rewrite web pages on the Alliance website and develop a concept for a new Alliance brochure; she also wrote ‘Sustainability and the Rights of Future Generations‘ for the 2013 Sustainable Lehigh Valley directory and the report listed above.
  • Reducing GHG Emissions at Moravian College (April 2012), by Nicole Belanger [Moravian ’13]. Internship: Campus Sustainability.
    (Note: These recommendations were in connection with a presentation Nicole gave at Moravian.)
  • Save Money, Your Health, & the Environment… (Poster, December 2011), by Julia Ward [Lafayette ’13]. Internship: Public Health & Sustainability
    (Note: This is a low-resolution version of the poster.)
  • Fracking the Marcellus — Will Pennsylvania Be Safe or Sorry poster? (Poster, May 2011), by Margaret Allen [Lehigh ’12] & Sebastian Grant-Lucania [Lehigh ’11]. Internship: Public Health & Sustainability (Grant), Communications & Media (Margaret)   (Note: This is a low-resolution version of the poster.)
  • Lafayette Dining Services (December 2010), by Christina DeSalva [Lafayette ’12]. Internship: Food & Public Health
  • Dining Services at Lehigh (August 2010), by Brittany Rodak [Lehigh ’12]. Internship: Food & Public Health
  • Healthy Food for Healthy Communities (April 2010), by Kaylee Christ & Ali Schklair [Muhlenberg ’12]. Internship: Sustainability & Public Health
  • Sustainability Plan  for St. Lukes – Preliminary Recommendations
  • –Preliminary Recommendations (December 2009), by Brenna Bowman [Lehigh ’11]. Internship: Campus Sustainability
  • Impacts of Sustainable and Industrial Agriculture on Human Health (December 2009), by Codi Gauker [Moravian ’11]. Internship: Food & Health

Student essays published in the Sustainable Lehigh Valley directory: