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Interview With Alex Knight: The End of Capitalism

“What if we reversed the priorities and created a society that valued life more than it valued numbers on a spreadsheet?”

We reprint here Michael Carriere’s interview of Alex Knight concerning the economic crisis and the ‘end of capitalism theory’, which states that the global capitalist system is breaking down due to ecological and social limits. Alex makes the case that “capitalism is a system of abuse that grows by exploiting people and the planet as means to extract profit, and by refusing to be responsible for the ecological and social trauma it causes… ”

The interview is in four parts:

  1. Crisis and Opportunity
  2. Ecological Limits
  3. Social Limits
  4. Life After Capitalism

NOTE: The original interview is posted on the EndOfCapitalism website, where it includes additional links, images, and other resources. The EndOfCapitalism website also features Alex’s series titled ‘Why Marxism Has Failed, And Why Zombie-Marxism Cannot Die‘, an in-depth exploration and analysis of the topic.

Alex graduated from Lehigh University and continued as a Presidential Scholar to complete a Master’s degree at Lehigh. While at Lehigh, he worked extensively with the Bill of Rights Defense Committee of the Lehigh Valley and was a co-founder of Lehigh Valley Beyond Oil; he is a proponent of the End of Capitalism Theory and since 2007 has edited the website endofcapitalism.com. He is based in Philadelphia, where he is a teacher and organizer.

Michael Carriere is an assistant professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, where he teaches courses on American history, public policy, political science, and urban design. He is currently working on a book, with David Schalliol, titled The Death and (After) Life of Great American Cities: Twenty-First Century Urbanism and the Culture of Crisis. He holds a Ph.D. in American history from the University of Chicago.

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