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Food & Health

The Food & Health group works on improving access to good food that’s grown without toxic chemicals—food that promotes community & individual health instead of undeining health. We also see re-localization of food production as a key part of a sustainable Lehigh Valley economy. Like many other Alliance initiatives, this is also part of our Internship Program.

Many of you have expressed concern about the food that is being served in schools, colleges, and hospitals and the connections between food from the industrialized food system and health issues such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, and neurological disorders. We are working to:

Help improve the food in our communities & schools!

  • Improve the types and sources of foods served in schools & other institutions
  • Develop and promote ways to incorporate more locally-grown foods
  • Develop and expand hands-on projects from school and community gardens to food preparation and marketing
  • Promote Farm-To-School programs
  • Improve ways that food and nutrition are taught, to promote a better understanding of inter-relationships of food & health, and sustainable food-production systems;
  • Raise awareness of health impacts of food and the dangers of food from the industrialized food system [see Food for Health]; and
  • Encourage and assist school districts, colleges, hospitals, and other institutions to develop comprehensive approaches to food and nutrition.

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