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Beyond Capitalism

Giving a speech to 24,000 earth and space scientists at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, held annually in San Francisco, Geophysicist, Dr. Bard Werner remarked:

“In sum, the dynamics of the global coupled human-environmental system within the dominant culture precludes management for stable, sustainable pathways and promotes instability.”

Beyond Capitalism is a working group that was envisioned by Faramarz Farbod, and which was embraced and welcomed by the Steering Committee of Alliance. We discuss and debate the dynamics of capitalism and how might this system account for the environmental destruction of our planet and the social destruction of our communities. What would it require to develop a new system, one that didn’t lead us into self-destruction? What kind of action would it take?

Sources that have been used to generate discussions include:

  • Gar Alperovitz’s, America Beyond Capitalism.
  • A panel presentation by both Gar and Richard D. Wolff at the 2014 Left Forum
  • Series of interviews with Ralph Nader and with Gar by Paul Jay of the RealNews.

People who have attended discussions have come from a diverse set of backgrounds as workers, students, professors, and humans of this planet. We have also gained the support of groups around the Lehigh Valley, who share the same concerns and hold the same values towards saving our planet and co-creating a better world for all. 

In an effort to reignite the conversation Occupy Wall Street began four years ago, we believe that this flow of conversation will help us cultivate an agenda that we can act on to make our community more sustainable.

What concerns you? Want more parks? Want a better, more accountable mass transit system? Let’s talk about it, so we can act about it!

For more information please contact: fara@sustainlv.org

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