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What’s new on the Website?

Note that this page lists significant updates to the various sections of the website, but does not normally mention changes to the home page or to the blogsdirectory, or events calendar featured on the sidebar to the right.

24 April 2016 – updated Internships information and added individual description pages.

April 2016 – Internships information updated

March 2016 – updated information on synthetic turf

February 2016 – updated information on synthetic turf

8 January 2016 – Updated Schools InitiativeCross-Curriculum Integration pages, added new links to the Resources page

18 November – Schools Initiative updated, Cross-Curriculum Integration added

October – Internships information updated

29 September – added new Focus On… page for Climate and Sustainability in Schools Initiative

29 September – Internships information updated

16 September – new report added to Reports, Posters, & Articles by Interns

5 September – Updates to Focus on… Synthetic Turf

3 September – Internships information updated

3 August 2015 – Focus On… Synthetic Turf [new graphic]

22 June 2015 – Focus On… School Wellness Policies [new]

22 June 2015 – Focus On… Synthetic Turf [additional information & resources added]

19 May 2015 – Focus On… Synthetic Turf [major update to this section, based on research completed in the spring of 2015] The update is still in progress.

12 March 2015 – Focus On… Open Letter to Anyone Considering Synthetic Turf

28 December 2014 – Focus On… Is explosive crude oil traveling through your community? [includes link to photos]. [new]

26 November 2014 – Focus On… Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Misconduct [new]

25 November 2014 – Updated page regarding internship offerings for 2015.

21 November 2014 – Focus On… PennEast Pipeline–Considerations for Communities [New]

18 November 2014 – Regenerative Organic Agriculture Reverses Climate Change [new]

16 November 2014 – Net Neutrality [folder on home page]

10 November 2014 – ‘The Right To Be You‘ [new]

21 September – The Best Argument Can’t Always Win, by Sarabeth Brockley

20–22 September 2014 – Updated many pages regarding internships with the Alliance

23 August 2014 – added Resources for better schools & learning

26 July 2014 – 3 new video links added to the Israel | Palestine links page give some real insight into origin and current conflict in Israel | Palestine.

12 July 2014 – Climate & Energy plan from LVPC, including their June 19 presentation at Nurture Nature Center, plus text of the Goals, Policies, & Implementation and text of the introductions to these sections

25 June 2014 – Added resource list for action research & updated the action research page.

31 May 2014 – added brief description of action research. [new]

29 April 2014 – Climate & Sustainability Commitment adopted by the Bethlehem Area School District. [new]

23 April 2014 –  Page outlining the Climate and Sustainability Commitment for schools. [new]

23 April 2014 – Updated page to help people find topics related to Sustainability in Schools, now accessible at sustainlv.org/schools.

23 April 2014 – Updated page to help people find topics related to Campus Sustainability, now accessible at sustainlv.org/campus.

13 February 2014 – Pages to facilitate comments in response to the plans for a sustainable Lehigh Valley being developed by Envision LV and the LV Planning Commission. Start at the main response page. (Also added a page under Act Locally.) [new]

19 January 2014 – Internship Structure & Expectations page updated to include reference to the Sustainability Commons.

18 January 2014 – a quick look at per-capita GHG emissions by country & state [new]

20 December 2013 – Current internship opportunities page updated.

25 November 2013 – Some basics for effective Waste & Recycling Services [new]

24 November 2013 – This Land Is Your Land: Dave Fry’s original lyrics for ‘This Land Is Your Land’ at the free speech rally held last year in Bethlehem’s ’21st Century Town Square’ [includes low-resolution video].

21 November 2013 – SouthSide’s Community Maze Garden [new]

16 November 2013 – Article on Community Engagement. [new]

31 October 2013 – Internships pages updated.

10 September 2013 – Added a list of Communities on the Sustainability Commons and updated the main Sustainability Commons page. [new]

July 2013 – Updated internships section with new internships and descriptive information.

2 July 2013 – Added page with reports completed by interns [some of which also appear in the Focus On… section].

June 2013 – several revisions to Alliance internship section.

1 May 2013 – Added a page about the Sustainability Commons; this page also serves as a portal to the Commons.

21 January 2013 – Open Letter to College Presidents & Trustees. [new]

18 January 2013 – Information and links for the local email groups that facilitate sharing information and ideas on campus sustainability, climate action, civil liberties, and food-related matters. [new]

December 17 2012 – Reorganized most Focus On… categories & menu items. If you have trouble finding something, try the Search box at the top of each page or contact us.

October 24 2012 – Farm To College website added to  Sustainable Campus Dining Resources page of resources for students working for healthy & sustainable food on campus. [update]

October 10 2012 – Internship information updated including new information on different ways internships are structured.

September 27 2012 – Focus On… page on 50 Toxic Food Additives [new]

September 22 2012 – Focus On… page reminding us of some of the reasons why Food Matters! [new]

September 19 2012 – Questions for students & educators that might be suitable for class projects or independent study. [new]

September 16 2012 – Recap of the 4 laws or principles of ecology — which also apply to most human-created systems as well. [new]

September 12 2012 – Farmworker Health & Safety, an article on farmworkers’ exposure to toxic chemicals & other problematic working conditions as well as the efforts of the Agricultural Justice Project. [new – from Greenhealth Magazine]

September 11 2012 – Website structure: Renamed the ‘Economic Activities‘ section to Local Economies to reflect the goal; moved Marcellus Shale info to the Unsustainable Energy section. [new]

September 9 2012 – Exposure to Toxic & Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals, based on the Consensus Statement from the 2007 International Conference on Fetal Programming and Developmental Toxicity. (Often referred to as the ‘Faroes Statement’.)

September 4 2012 –Public Spaces that Energize Communities, discussing ways to make communities more vibrant through high-quality public spaces.[new]

September 2 2012 – Public Spaces Endangered, with an article titled ‘The Fall and Rise of Great Public Spaces’ by Jay Walljasper from On the Commons. [new]

August 31 2012 – Sustainable Campus Dining Resources, a page with resources for students working for healthy & sustainable food on campus. [new]

August 26 2012 – Your Health Is the Result of Decisions Made by Others [new]

August 17 2012 – Energy-saving tips for all types of facilities, from Healthcare Design [new]

August 6 2012 – Article by Jay Walljasper on why we need street life, squares, more public parks and community spaces. [new] Read ‘The Rise and Fall of Great Public Spaces’

July 28 2012 – Added ability to post comments on most Focus On… pages

July 20 2012 – Updated article on the Farm To School movement, based on work by 2012 Muhlenberg College graduate Karissa McCarthy.

May 23 2012 – DTE’s application for a waiver for the Allentown waste incinerator project [submitted to DEP in 2010]

May 14 2012 – Environmental Advisory Statement on the planned waste incinerator in Allentown, from the City’s Environmental Advisory Council.

April 29 2012 – Resources on developing and benefits of a Local Food Economy. [new Focus On… page]

April 28 2012 – Information on endocrine disruptorsanother major threat to sustainability & survival. [new]

April17 2012 – Updated information on the trash incinerator planned for Allentown.

April 8 2012 – information on the 9th annual Social Research | Social Justice conference!

March 3 2012 – Action Alert for Allentown incinerator project. [new]

February 26 2012 – Notice of planned summer project on campus food. [new]

January 24 2012 – Updated article on Big Changes to the Fair Trade System to reflect an improvement in Fair Trade USA standards.

January 20 2012 – Martin Luther King, Jr.’s final speech, delivered in Memphis, TN, the night before he was assassinated. [‘I Have Been to the Mountaintop‘]

January 14 2012 – The Bitter Truth [new Focus On… page], featuring several short BBC segments on child slavery in the chocolate trade, in which both Hershey’s and M&M Mars have been implicated, plus a link to the documentary ‘The Dark Side of Chocolate’.

January 8 2012 – A call to support authentic fair trade [new Focus On… page].

January 6 2012 – Text of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s talk titled ‘Breaking the Silence’ [new Focus On… page].

December 28 2011 – important information on big changes to the Fair Trade system! [new Focus On… page]

December 23 2011 – internship opportunities with the Nourishing the planet project.

December 7 2011 – Julia Ward’s poster on high levels of Diesel pollution in the Lehigh Valley and Idling Gets You Nowhere, on the need to stop vehicle idling. [new]

November 21 2011 – Greg Palast’s article explaining how our Wall Street friends caused Greece’s bankruptcy/’debt crisis’. [new]

November 9 2011 – ‘Corporate Pledge of Allegiance‘ published by Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor. [new]

November 5 2011 – Youth Food Bill of Rights, adopted by the Rooted in Community Leadership Summit, July 2010. [new]

October 21 2011 – Occupy Lehigh Valley [new page with links to the individual movements’ web pages]

October 14 2011 – Posted ‘10 Ways to Support the Occupy Movement‘ by Sarah Van Gelder of Yes! Magazine

October 12 2011 – Posted Robert Reich’s video & text debunking The Seven Biggest Economic Lies now being told by those who want to take America backwards.

October 8 2011 – Malalai Joya’s plea to remove all military troops from Afghanistan. [new]

October 3 2011 – OccupyWallStreet call for action – information and links to OccupyWallStreet and a brief report on this movement that is now spreading to cities around the country, with a few links so you can keep up to date. [new]