Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are key statements pulled from the text and featured as a large-text quote to catch the reader’s interest. They should be used sparingly or they just become clutter.

To create a pull quote:

  1. Create a new paragraph just above the paragraph where you want the pull quote to appear.
  2. Paste a copy of the text into the new paragraph.
  3. Edit the pull quote as needed—it is common practice to eliminate extra words or change a word or two to simplify the quote, as long as it doesn’t depart from the writer’s intent.
  4. Apply heading style 5 to format the extra paragraph as a pull quote. Note that the formatting will not appear until you view the published page—in the editor, the paragraph will just appear as very small type.
    • Heading 5 floats the pull quote to the right in dark green type
    • Heading 6 floats the pull quote to the left in dark blue type


Heading 5 – Pull quote 1
Heading 6 – Pull quote 2