Mango food facts

Mangoes are a tree-born fruit common to warm & tropical regions. (Many varieties grow wild in these climates.) Originated in southern Asia

Harvest season in the LV: n/a

Growing conditions: Frost-free climate. Like apples, mango trees often do not breed true from seed and may have to be grafted onto another rootstock.

Pollination: Bees, wasps, & other insects; ants.

Cooking/Preparation required: mostly eaten raw or juiced; sometimes pickled;  also cooked into jams

Fertilizers or pesticides: None needed. Listed on EWG’s ‘Clean Fifteen‘ list.

Nutrients: Very high in vitamins A & C.


Nutrient content can vary greatly depending on soil conditions, with organic methods and a soil rich in organic matter generally producing the best results.

‘Dirty Dozen’ or ‘Clean Fifteen’ ratings do not necessarily apply to produce grown on local farms — you need to check with the farmer to determine if and when any fertilizers or pesticides were applied.