Plan B

Bill Hewitt on Lester Brown’s Plan B (posted on “Climate Change: The World Affairs Blog Network“):

“Here’s a terrific book from the sustainability pioneer Lester Brown that I used in my Clean Tech class last Fall.  It touches on everything that needs examination.  It shows the state of the climate system and the impacts we’ve been experiencing, and it looks closely at all the other environmental insults we’ve been visiting on our tired old planet, like our shockingly profligate use of water for industrial agriculture, fishing out the oceans, destroying rainforests and other critical carbon sinks to grow soybeans to feed pigs, and putting incredible land and price pressures on food crops in order to grow corn and sugar for cars.  It’s like we’re guilty of elder abuse.

“But Lester Brown has been at this for a long time and has answers for our problems.  He surveys the incredible range of viable, cost-effective, clean and smart alternatives to our profligacy.  He’s got high-tech solutions and low.  His program is simple.  Many elements of it already are being vigorously pursued.  To quote from the book:  ‘It has four components: cutting net carbon dioxide emissions 80 percent by 2020, stabilizing population at 8 billion or lower, eradicating poverty, and restoring the earth’s natural systems, including its soils, aquifers, forests, grasslands, and fisheries.’  Brown walks us through how to do it.”