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Common to all efforts seeking change is the need to engage people. People are needed to work on projects and actions or otherwise see that those efforts are carried out effectively and successfully.

What kind of participation? That is, are people needed to help plan, participate in actions, donate funds, write position papers, manage organizations? Or what?

And how to reach folks? Accentuate the positive — emphasize visions of a happy, satisfying, sustaining and sustainable future and ways to get there? Or tackle the negative — the fights against all those threats to people and planet — like anti-fracking, anti-GMO, anti-war campaigns?

What about education and raising consciousness of the system and of the way the system deals with people of different races, genders, socio-economic classes, ages, ethnicities, citizenship statuses?

The Engagement Working Group is exploring these questions and will be reporting on their findings here. For more information about the Engagement Working Group, contact Nadia Tornieporth.