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BCWG: Progressive Publication Project

BCWG is working on the premier edition of Left Turn, a progressive publication for the Lehigh Valley. We see it as a tool for building a “united front” and for mobilizing communities. And for empowerment.

There’s something empowering about holding in one’s hands a work of words and art, conjuring images that resonate, re-charge activist energies, re-focus attention on major matters of concern, and help to re-imagine the future.


  • Internal:
    • Forces us to think about who we are
    • Forces us into doing things, carrying out activities that connect us to the community
    • Provides us with regular, ongoing activities: producing and distributing the publication and discussing the ideas and actions being presented in it
  • External:
    • Keeping the community informed about what’s going on in the Greater Lehigh Valley
    • Provides theoretical perspectives, alternative thinking, questioning
    • Can serve to mobilize people – for what?
  • Collaborative: needs to involve and integrate individuals and organizations into “popular front” – may be published in tandem with other newsletters, magazines, monthlies, irregulars.

We invite individuals and organizations working on progressive, transformational  change to be participants in this new progressive publication for the Lehigh Valley.

Let us know if you’d like a copy of the premier issue and if you’d like to be involved.

Format, timeline, distribution of the first issue:

  • Format: 6″ x 9″, b&w.
  • 50 to 100 copies targeted to people and organizations we think would / should become part of this project
  • First issue recipients: need to develop list of targeted people and organizations.
  • Timeline:
    • June 2018 – layout of contributed works
    • July 2018 – finalizing for printing
    • August 2018 – publication and distribution