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BCWG: Progressive Publication Project

BCWG is trying out the printing of a progressive publication as a tool for building a “popular front” and for mobilizing communities.

Ah, the power of the printed word! There’s something empowering about holding in one’s hands a work of words and art and images that resonate, that re-charge activist energies, re-focus attention on major matters of concern, and help to re-imagine the future.

The Beyond Capitalism Working Group of the Alliance invites individuals and organizations to be participants in the initiation of a new progressive publication for the Lehigh Valley.


  • Internal:
    • Forces us to think about who we are
    • Forces us into doing things, carrying out activities that connect us to the community
    • Provides us with regular, ongoing activities: producing and distributing the publication and discussing the ideas and actions being presented in it
  • External:
    • Keeping the community informed about what’s going on in the Greater Lehigh Valley
    • Provides theoretical perspectives, alternative thinking, questioning
    • Can serve to mobilize people – for what?
  • Collaborative: needs to involve and integrate individuals and organizations into “popular front” – may be published in tandem with other newsletters, magazines, monthlies, irregulars.

Promotional issue, which is to be presented to others we’d like to involve.

  • Format: 8 1/2″ x 11″, b&w, 8 to 12 pages, similar to LEPOCO newsletter.
  • 50 to 100 copies for internal circulation: i.e., targeted to people and organizations we think would / should become part of this project
  • First issue recipients: need to develop list of targeted people and organizations.
  • Timeline:
    • Monday: 2/26/2018 – at BCWG meeting: planning session
    • Monday: 2/26/2018 – deadline for submission of work
    • Monday: 3/19/2018 – publication