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Displacement & Migration

Migration, both voluntary and forced, is a major factor both in international affairs and, in some cases, in local tensions as the makeup of a community changes.

Migration has been connected to globalization, poverty, population pressures, and resource depletion. See, for example, the Migration, Globalisation and Poverty DRC program, carried out by the Development Research Centre from 2003 to 2009, and the follow-up “Migrating out of Poverty“.

Conflicts that arise between newcomers and those already living in a community are widespread, with conflicts in Pennsylvania and Arizona making national news. Studies in the United States have dealt with conflicts over perceived and/or real threats to “the American way of life”, to the availability of jobs, wage levels, discriminatory sentiments – see, for example, the “Causes of Conflict: Issues of Immigration” curriculum of Densho: the Japanese American Legacy Project.

This section deals with problems related to migration and possible solutions.