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Peter’s blog: Freedom under attack — CitizenFour

CitizenFour, the acclaimed documentary about Edward Snowden, is widely available. Maybe we need to remind ourselves that the Snowden’s disclosures may have faded into the background, but the U.S. government’s all-out assault on democracy & freedom continues today, and the ongoing … more

One More in the Long History of Lies by U.S. Leaders

On Sunday, the London Review of Books published a new account of the killing of Osama Bin Laden by Seymour Hersh. His article shows that the story told by the Obama Administration is total fiction.  Hersh says it was nothing … more

Fox Environmental Center: ‘Transparency in the Face of Attack’

At the Gertrude B. Fox Environmental Center we welcome requests for information and consistently fulfill requests for full disclosure of our activities, governance, and finances. In particular, because we were founded as a student and teacher-led organization, we believe our … more

FYI: Whistleblowers, Warrior Cops, and the Growing Security State

Recent articles depicting increasingly invasive & authoritarian practices of the government, including violent & militarized local police forces: 10 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Obama’s Security State, by Juan Cole – Reader Supported News, August 2013 Manning Defense Exposes … more

FYI: Whistleblowers for democracy [UPDATED]

The mainstream media seem to parrot the government line that whistleblowers are a threat to national security. [In reality, they are only a threat to the corrupt officials who are the real threat to our nation.] Why the Ruling Class … more

An Open Letter to Mayor Callahan & the City of Bethlehem

Dear Mayor Callahan: I understand why some City officials felt a need to act when Occupy Bethlehem had not yet obtained a permit for its encampment, and reports do seem to indicate that the physical eviction was handled in a … more

Killing bin Laden leads to questions…

By Gary Olson — It may be too early to draw absolute lessons from the U.S. military’s assassination of Osama bin Laden, but here are a few observations and questions. First, why have 7,000 Americans died in Iraq and Afghanistan … more

What’s all the Fuss About Wikileaks?

Why is there so much fuss about this Wikileaks release? The latest round of leaks doesn’t reveal much that’s new or even shocking, unless you believe that what governments and government officials say is usually true. The reaction reveals a … more


Once again, Wikileaks and founder Julian Assange are being assailed for putting lives at risk or damaging the diplomatic process. The Express-Times even had an editorial today condemning Assange for ‘placing some people, relationships, and military operations at risk.’ I … more