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The best argument can’t always win

by Sarabeth Brockley But does arguing at least get us somewhere? To test this, a group of students at Lehigh University staged an information stake-out in the center of the campus on Friday night with an objective: invite their peers … more

FYI: Corporate Killers

Informative articles that look at how the right to earn profits has overturned the basic legal principle that your rights end when you harm others. Mankind: Death by Corporation, by Dr. Brian Moench – Truthout, 26 June 2013 Death by Corporation, Part II: … more

‘America the Beautiful’ (not) by Willie Nelson

Check out Willie Nelson’s YouTube video on mountaintop removal mining: More info: Focus On… Mountaintop Removal mining (MTR)

Greedheads & Natural Resources

What do coal, gold, & natural gas have in common? Or water, petroleum, & uranium? They are all natural resources that mining and other resource-extraction companies take from the ground and sell to others. It seems to be a common pattern for these … more

Drilling & mining – worse than organized crime!

Let’s see… in 2010, 29 miners died in the Upper Big Branch mine because Massey Energy didn’t want to comply with safety regulations.  BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew up, killing 35 workers and contaminating the Gulf of Mexico with … more

Unsustainable Energy

This is where the danger lies. Unsustainable energy—fossil fuels and nuclear—are direct threats to future generations and public health hazards for current generations. In August 2012, the Natural Resources Defense Council [NRDC] published a report called Toxic Power: How Power … more

Sustainability & Public Health

Let’s look at sustainability in terms of how our practices affect human health, both immediately and over the long term.  Whether we call them health problems or environmental problems, though, the prescription for corrective actions is almost identical.  The health lens is … more

MountainTop Removal mining (MTR)

Mountaintop Removal mining is a technique used to remove coal that is found in relatively thin layers. The technique is basically to blast the top of the mountain and push the rubble off into the valleys to expose the coal … more