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Anti-fracking activists targeted in PA!’

Remember a couple of years ago, when the state was compiling ‘intelligence’ about anti-fracking activists and environmentalists and then sharing it with the industry and using it to intimidate those opposed to fracking? Not much has changed, as a February 2 … more

FYI: Whistleblowers, Warrior Cops, and the Growing Security State

Recent articles depicting increasingly invasive & authoritarian practices of the government, including violent & militarized local police forces: 10 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Obama’s Security State, by Juan Cole – Reader Supported News, August 2013 Manning Defense Exposes … more

Boston & ‘the Muslim exception’ to the Bill of Rights

A lot has been written about the Boston bombings, the Tsarnaev brothers, and the way the case was handled.  I don’t want to add to that, but here are links to some of the more insightful articles, along with a … more

Student Researcher Arrested

A student from Lafayette College went to Georgia last month to research and report on the School of the Americas protest.  Khadija Hafiz-Sokaria planned to interview activists, victims of torture and the School of Americas Watch founder Fr. Roy Bourgeois for her … more

Surveillance – Letters to City Councils

Following is a copy of a letter sent to Allentown City Council. It can serve as a model for letters you might wish to write to your City Council. (Except, of course, that the first paragraph should reflect the current … more

Protect Yourself from the USA PATRIOT Act

Protect Your Rights—They can’t protect themselves! The USA PATRIOT Act and other measures in the name of homeland security go against the Bill of Rights and the very freedoms the founders of this country struggled so hard to ensure. As … more

Letters to council Re USA PATRIOT Act

Process used by city council In May, Council president Schweder announced that the resolution would be placed on the agenda by June 15, but the resolution has been dropped from the agenda because “a majority of council members decided that … more

Statement by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee in response to Council’s “Ostrich” Plan

Bethlehem City Council’s decision to remove a resolution to protect civil rights and civil liberties from Tuesday’s agenda — a decision that was supported by an editorial in The June 17 Express-Times — reflects either a surprising lack of understanding … more