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What Is the Military Doing in Your School?

Schools are supposed to help children learn, but too many schools simply reinforce unquestioning obedience and respect for the powers that be—and some schools support the military recruiting machine against the educational and personal interests of their students. Recruiters in … more

What is Militarism?

From military recruiting and testing in the schools to movies and television, militarism has become a prominent part of culture in the United States. Essentially, militarism means relying on military force for security and glorifying military service and values. Placing … more

Recruiting in schools op-ed

Military has too much access to schools Balance needed on recruiting information Where have all the young men [and women] gone? Gone for soldiers every one When will they ever learn…. (from “Where Have all the Flowers Gone” by Pete … more


Counter-recruitment is concerned with offsetting the aggressive presence of military recruiters and recruiting materials in our schools. An op-ed piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Dec. 2004) described many of the ways schools contribute to the problem. [Read the op-ed] Here … more

Protect Your Privacy

You may be harassed at home by military recruiters because your school gives them your name, address and phone number. Recruiters have monthly quotas to meet, and once they get your name, they frequently keep bothering you even after being … more

Questions to Ask Your School

A. Recruiters’ Access to Personal Information About Students Student lists – The “No Child Left Behind” Act requires all secondary schools that receive federal funds to release students’ personal information, including name, address, and telephone number, to military recruiters upon … more

Misconduct by Recruiters

Wars and occupation by U.S. forces have increased the pressure on recruiters, and government reports show a dramatic increase in the number of incidents of misconduct by recruiters, ranging from omitting important facts to helping young people cheat to sexual … more

Military Testing in Our Schools

ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) What Students, Parents, and Educators Should Know about Military Testing in High Schools NOTE: According to the Pennsylvania School Code, schools must inform parents and obtain their written permission before giving tests like the … more