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The Cycle of Discarding

by Briana VanBuskirk We’re stuck in a cycle that fosters the creation, use, and discarding of materials without any consideration for the environment, animal rights, or human rights. Why is this? It’s no secret that financial gain is the core … more

FYI: F**cking Pennsylvania

The headline actually refers to Fracking, which is obscene in more ways than the other F-word.  Here are a few updates on the quantities of radioactive materials being released into our environment, a look at the corruption created by fracking … more

FYI: ‘Stuff, Wealth, and the End of Democracy’

An economy based on expansion and consumerism is destructive to humanity and the planet’s environmental health, and the greed that drives globalization and capitalism is also driving the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, yet another ‘free trade agreement’ that has a little … more