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Committee of 100

A “green shadow government”: an organizational structure of the sustainability community and for the community at large to meet individual and organizational needs holistically: unlocking imaginations and releasing creativity; enabling organizations and individuals to work collaboratively; and working on the whole … more

Martin Boksenbaum: ‘Climatezilla meets Pogo and Charlie Brown on Earth Day’

Earth Day. Mother Earth Day. Well, Earth begat us. We exist on it. We are of it, shaped by it. It nurtures us, provides for our needs, sustains us. It would be a flight of fancy to think we could … more

Boksenbaum: ‘Climate-System Crisis: Taking Action’

Isn’t it time us folks in the sustainability movement here in the Lehigh Valley were getting our heads — and our act — together on bringing about the needed actions to address the Climate-System Crisis head on? You are hereby invited … more