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Free Speech in the ‘Town Square’

When Sands BethWorks, of which Las Vegas Sands Corp. is the majority partner, deeded property for the Levitt Pavilion and the ’21st Century Town Square’ at the SteelStacks campus, they included a stipulation that the property could not be used … more

Civil Liberties

The U.S. system of government is founded on the idea of majority rule balanced by a guarantee of individual rights—especially the right to dissent from and criticize the government. Civil liberties are threatened when an administration or Congress believes in protecting … more

The Bill of Rights

(Amendments 1–10 to the U.S. Constitution, Ratified December 15, 1791) Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the … more

Freedom of Speech at Musikfest and other events

When a festival or special event takes over part of your town, it does not cancel the protections guaranteed under the First Amendment. In past years, free speech at Musikfest was confined to a single area. People were not permitted … more

Video Surveillance Systems [CCTV]

Modern video surveillance technology is very different from fixed security cameras used to protect cashiers and vulnerable locations. Study after study in other cities shows that they are not particularly effective, and there is no creditable evidence that they prevent … more

Free Speech

December 15 was Bill of Rights Day.  To hear people talk about this proud tradition and how it distinguishes the USA from other countries, you’d think our freedoms here are robust and protected by the government itself. Really? I often … more

Interview With Alex Knight: The End of Capitalism

“What if we reversed the priorities and created a society that valued life more than it valued numbers on a spreadsheet?” We reprint here Michael Carriere’s interview of Alex Knight concerning the economic crisis and the ‘end of capitalism theory’, … more

Letters to council Re USA PATRIOT Act

Process used by city council In May, Council president Schweder announced that the resolution would be placed on the agenda by June 15, but the resolution has been dropped from the agenda because “a majority of council members decided that … more

Protect Yourself from the USA PATRIOT Act

Protect Your Rights—They can’t protect themselves! The USA PATRIOT Act and other measures in the name of homeland security go against the Bill of Rights and the very freedoms the founders of this country struggled so hard to ensure. As … more

Indy Films for Classroom Use

The Alliance for Sustainable Communities and the SouthSide Film Festival are pleased to make these excellent short films available free of charge for classroom use. The films, all made by independent filmmakers, were chosen for the 2006 Festival. We are making … more