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CELDF 11-5-14 Election Update: Community Rights Fracking Bans

From: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CEDLF), 11-5-14: Election results are in for our communities – please join us in celebrating the following wins for Community Rights: ATHENS, OH: With 78% of the vote, Athens, OH, residents overwhelmingly adopted a … more

Martin Boksenbaum: ‘Climatezilla meets Pogo and Charlie Brown on Earth Day’

Earth Day. Mother Earth Day. Well, Earth begat us. We exist on it. We are of it, shaped by it. It nurtures us, provides for our needs, sustains us. It would be a flight of fancy to think we could … more

PA Judge: Corporations Are Not “Persons”

A New Civil Rights Movement: Liberating Our Communities from Corporate Control Pennsylvania judge holds that corporations are not “persons” under the Pennsylvania Constitution By Thomas Alan Linzey, Esq., Executive Director, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund March 28, 2013—To protect small … more

Community Bill of Rights Strategy

From CELDF, 11/8/12: Three communities banned shale gas drilling and fracking on Election Day, Nov 6, 2012, adopting Community Bill of Rights charter amendments. Mansfield and Broadview Heights, OH, and Ferguson Township, PA, asserted their rights to clean air and … more

Boksenbaum: ‘Strategies for Change’

Three recent newsletters discuss their organization’s perspectives on how to bring about change. One talks about nonviolent direct action, another about securing rights via home rule charters and constitutions, and the third about achieving change goals via the development of … more

Noël Jones: ‘The Importance of Being Radical’

I attended the memorial service of a dear friend recently, a friend who had been very active during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. A college friend of his spoke at the service about attending protests and marches together, … more

Barnaby Ruhe: ‘Ban Fracking Locally’

From Barnaby Ruhe, 5/9/2012: only local action is going to happen, folks. and probably only mothers’ actions with pots and pans. someone has to stop the imminent destruction for the children. that it is a clear violation of fundamental rights, … more

Wilkinsburg PA Adopts Community Rights Ordinance That Bans Gas Drilling

Tuesday, July 20, 2011 – By a unanimous vote, the Borough Council of Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, adopted ordinance number 28-70 that enacts an enforceable Local Bill of Rights, along with a prohibition on natural gas extraction to protect those … more

Rights of Nature | Rights of Mother Earth

The ‘rights of nature’ concept recognizes that the natural systems have a right to exist, and that these rights may be superior to the commerce and property rights of humans; unfortunately this concept is only now becoming more widely appreciated. … more

Rights of Nature

As the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) points out in discussing its “Rights of Nature” work, environmental laws “regulating how much pollution or destruction of nature can occur under law”, are actually permitting the environmental harms to occur. CELDF’s approach takes … more