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Peter’s blog: ‘Facts & Fiction’

I saw my copy of A People’s History of the United States the other day, and it reminded me that many of the ‘facts’ we learn in school or read in the media turn out to be false—news & ‘history’ … more

FYI: Capitalism, Financialism, & Democracy

Here are some recent news articles and blog posts that are ‘must read’ if you’re concerned about the extent to which unregulated capitalism & financialization of the economy are strongly anti-democratic: The Next American Revolution Has Already Begun (interview with … more

Ken Burak: ‘The Sun’

Summer vacation with the family in Vermont. Rainy morning. Aha! Monopoly! I decide to teach my two girls – Hannah (7) and Dhara (5)—how to play. I figure it’s best for them to learn by playing. First they pick their … more

Echoes from the 1960s

by Ted Morgan Billionaire George Soros recently warned that the world capitalist system faced the potential of massive street violence—if not collapse. Mainstream discourse has failed to give due credence to the most widely shared argument of Occupiers: our democracy … more

Paying for the Waste You Generate

Even the free-market folks should like the idea of having those who generate the waste pay the costs of disposing of it. Not only does it allocate costs more fairly, it provides an automatic incentive to reduce the volume of … more

Interview With Alex Knight: The End of Capitalism

“What if we reversed the priorities and created a society that valued life more than it valued numbers on a spreadsheet?” We reprint here Michael Carriere’s interview of Alex Knight concerning the economic crisis and the ‘end of capitalism theory’, … more

The End of Capitalism, Part 1

Part 1. Crisis and Opportunity MC: The current financial crisis is clearly a moment of peril for both individuals and the broader system of capitalism. But would it also make sense to see it as a moment of opportunity? AK: … more

The End of Capitalism, Part 3

Social Limits and the Crisis MC: Capitalism has faced many moments of crisis over time. Is there something different about the present crisis? What makes the end of capitalism a possibility now? AK: As I described in the last section, … more

The End of Capitalism, Part 4

Life After Capitalism MC: Moving forward, how would you ideally envision a post-capitalist world? And if capitalism manages to survive (as it has in the past), is there still room for real change? AK: First let me repeat that even … more