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Why a Sustainability Directory?

A “Directory of Organizations & Businesses That Promote Sustainable Communities” is published annually in our free Sustainable Lehigh Valley booklet, as well as on this website, to supply information – to thousands of people – about the many organizations and businesses that promote sustainability in the Lehigh Valley – as well as to supply them with a view of the size and scope of the sustainability movement here.

This year we have published 6,000 copies of Sustainable Lehigh Valley and are distributing them throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley, some of them to places where the general public can pick them up, some at events sustainability-minded folks attend, and some to serve as reference copies in offices, on campuses, in government agencies, in libraries, and the like.

The online Directory is updated during the year to keep information about organizations and businesses current.

If you know organizations and businesses that you think should be added to the Directory, contact us with information about how to contact them. If you’d like to list your own organization or business, go to How to get a listing in the Directory.