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Resources for better schools & learning

A few resources for those with a real interest in education, learning, and schools—but note that these are only a few of the many resources we have!  For resources related to teaching sustainability content, see the page for Resources for the Climate & Sustainability in School project.

New additions

From a School Centered on Children & Learning — the Prospect School

Building a Strong Educational System

Other Books, Publications, & Links

Alfie Kohn on the destructive effect of grades & standardized testing

Schools should be serving only healthy, sustainably-grown food!

Also see our page of Sustainable Campus Dining Resources—originally developed by students concerned about college & university campus dining, most of these apply to all institutional food.

Teachers’ Perspectives & teaching activities

For more information or to discuss these or related topics, email Peter Crownfield.

Also see: Resources for the Climate & Sustainability in School project