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What Is the Military Doing in Your School?

Schools are supposed to help children learn, but too many schools simply reinforce unquestioning obedience and respect for the powers that be—and some schools support the military recruiting machine against the educational and personal interests of their students.

  • Recruiters in the schools– No Child Left Alone – The so-called “No Child Left Behind” Act requires schools to provide information to recruiters and to give recruiters access to the students in school, but some Lehigh Valley schools let recruiters roam the school and approach students at will. [More info →]
  • Military testing in schools – Many schools in this area give the ASVAB—the entrance and placement test for military service—and allow the students’ personal contact information, test scores, and career preferences to be released to local military recruiters. If some educators think it is of value to their students, why release scores to the military? Even worse, some schools tell their students that the test is mandatory, which is an abuse of power and a violation of the rights of their students. [More info →]
  • JROTC (“Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps”) – JROTC is a military training and indoctrination camouflaged as a leadership program. [More info →]
  • Questions to ask the school in your community – Find out what your school is doing about releasing student information to recruiters, giving military screening tests, and promoting militaristic thinking and values—and then help create the change you want! [More info →]

Locally, the LEPOCO Peace Center and Veterans For Peace provide students with information to counter the myths put forth by military recruiters, ways to finance college without joining the military, non-violent ways to serve your country, and alternatives to military force to solve international conflicts.

Also see: National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy

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