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Violence Against Women in the U.S. Military

Even more than harm from the enemy, women in the military are in danger of sexual assault by their comrades in arms. Studies by the Veterans Administration and others indicate that about one-third of women serving in the military are victims of sexual assault by other military personnel, including their superiors. It’s hard to believe that the military is not capable of controlling the situation, so the inevitable conclusion is that it’s not a priority. When rapists are not punished—and often seem to be promoted—perhaps it is more accurate to say that it is encouraged.

In their announcement of a comprehensive report titled ‘It’s In Our Hands: Stop Violence Against Women, Amnesty International says, ‘When women enlist to join the U.S. Armed Forces, they are signing up to defend their country, not to defend themselves from attacks by fellow servicemembers…’; Christine Hansen of the Miles Foundation emphasized that ‘It’s time for the military to do what it does best: give orders. Leaders must make clear that violence against any woman, anywhere, of any nationality, age, race, rank or marital status will not be tolerated. In fact, it will be prosecuted.’

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