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Tree Branches

by Joy Miller

Tree branches dancing in the strong winds!

Reaching and swaying in these winds.

Each branch strong from the top of the trunk to the bottom of the trunk

swaying in the winds!

Each branch wanting to bend with one another.

Be the winds blow across the street, stands another tree short in stature.

Remaining still for awhile longer, not feeling the affects of the wind

from across the street.

A little while later, this tree begins to dance movements in the wind.

Now, just like in life, it takes a person awhile longer to join the others.

Cause and effect by the comments and/or actions of others.

How soon does the wind take to move the branches of others?

Each person, as in life, is motivated or challenged by others,

So it appears, in nature there are influences

and so too politics have its influences

to motivate movements in response.

Joy Miller’s poems are most often about social justice matters, particularly homelessness and treatment of newcomers to our country. She will also, upon requests or commissions, write poems for special occasions, as well as poems complementing her husband’s art work.

(Published in the 2017 edition of Sustainable Lehigh Valley)

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