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The Moon Glistens in the Snow

by Matt Wolf

The moon glistens in the snow
I listen to the finally silent room
I move my fingers a bit
and then look up
there is one light on
in the entire house
how many are awake around me?
how many walk in the snow
make sounds that crunch
gaze at the tree in the streetlight
trees covered delicately with snow
every branch in a way that couldn’t happen by
any of us trying, only by falling into place
does the perfection happen
and I must accept it
must not rush my looking
or reject what is here
must not hold on to what changes
or turn away from what is staying
right in front of my eyes
tomorrow snow may fall again
if not from the sky, it will from the trees
much will melt and change form into water Mother Nature laying down the day’s lesson
Her flow teaching me about change and about life

Matt has written and performed poetry for the last 17 years in the Lehigh Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. He has organized over 30 local poetry readings and multi-media events over the last four years and facilitated multiple school workshops.

(Published in the 2017 edition of Sustainable Lehigh Valley)

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