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SRSJ logoA unique and excellent addition to the Lehigh Valley’s offerings, the Social Research Social Justice Conference began in 2003 as a collaboration between faculty and students in the Department of Media and Communication at Muhlenberg College, with the goal to create a forum outside of their classes to discuss issues of social justice in a democratic society. From the beginning, the conference has been open to students from all the Lehigh Valley colleges, and students from schools outside the valley have also presented.

The annual Conference provides a forum for sharing and discussing innovative research addressing some of the most challenging issues of social justice in both contemporary and historical contexts. (Both quantitative and qualitative research are featured—and there have been some excellent and powerful presentations of analyses that weren’t original planned as a ‘research project’.)

SRSJ provides important opportunities for students from campuses across the Lehigh Valley to come together in critical conversations about the social justice issues that matter to them most.

We encourage collaborative exploration among students, faculty, and community members of the role of academic research and creative work in the creation of more just and human societies.

The Conference continues to foster the initial vision, with a strong and consistent faculty, student, and community representation from across the Lehigh Valley region.

SRSJ conference website

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