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Open Letter to Anyone Considering Synthetic Turf

In March 2015, we saw stories in the Express-Times and Morning Call reporting that almost all of the high schools, colleges, and universities in the Lehigh Valley have synthetic turf fields (also known as artificial turf), or were planning to replace natural grass with synthetic turf in the near future. In addition, at least two municipalities are planning to install synthetic turf at recreation facilities. We notified several institutions about the serious health concerns and published a composite version of the letter. (The other sections of this site are now a more complete reference, but the original open letter is also archived on this site.)

These pages on Synthetic Turf are based on research and analysis completed in May 2015 by Kendall Garden [Lehigh ’16] and Peter Crownfield, with updates in the fall of 2015 and February 2016. Also see the Synthetic Turf Concerns Summary [leaflet] (Low-Resolution version).

[updated 7 February 2016]

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  1. Timely report.
    Please note – State Assemblyman Englebrite & Senator Parker have introduced legislation requiring comprehensive testing and a moratorium on installation of Tire-Crumb Rubber Turf Fields/Playgrounds until the Environmental – Health – Safety Tests are completed as well as evaluating Alternative compositions being utilized or in development.

    The Kentucky State House of Representatives introduced a RESOLUTION early March 2015 commending the State’s decision not support the Tire-Recycling Programs that supports “Tire-Crumb Rubber ” for Turf Fields & playgrounds. calling for study’s similar to Ca/NY on the Environmental – Health Safety.

    Prayer’s to Coach Griffin’s Student Athletes.

    [Editor’s note: The legislation mentioned above is in New York state.]

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