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One with the Earth

One With the Earth symbolThe symbol for environmental awareness

Humanity is damaging and depleting Earth’s resources faster than nature can renew them. The ‘One with the Earth’ symbol acknowledges this problem. It is an an ever-present reminder that all environmental concerns are interconnected parts of one overarching challenge – ensuring a livable world for our children and future generations.

The design elements represent water (which covers 70% of the Earth’s surface), land (30%), sun, and life. The symbol is intended to be seen, and its meaning understood, by everyone. It conveys personal, corporate, and public responsibility for protecting the environment. With widespread use, the symbol will increase support for sustainability efforts and build demand for Earth friendly policies and products.

The One with the Earth symbol is free to use. It is available in downloadable format (free) and on buttons, decals, refrigerator magnets, and other items (free or at reduced cost). They can be customized for organizational use.

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Contact: Dan Poresky.

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