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Green Pond

by Matt Wolff

I see them flying overhead
blue sky above
wetness on their skinny ankles
their beaks press in the soil for food
nothing near like this for them
so many come from so many places
a superior form of radar finds
this area of precious acres
better than man-made drones
they find what will sustain them
from miles overhead they come
there are flocks of thousands here
all different species converge
it is a bird party of sorts
old friends meet up, discuss their journeys
give tips on routes and traffic
they share food and drink
help each other wash up
nothing near like this for them
how many decades have they come?
every year, this time
how many miles due to this stop
an integral leg of the journey
who designed this, set this up
this pond, these prey, this set of circumstances
who dreams get in the way of
nature’s process here
thinking it little or that they
know better
what is left of pure reason
disregard eyes that see
expert explanations
what to one is essential
a place to find integral meal to another
is investment something to make concrete
solid and lined with green
like pockets
who else fights this battle worldwide
somehow I sense the birds
will forgive us
even help us out
when we drown
slip and fall in puddles
we’ve created
mired with cars, concrete,
and quicksand capitalism
better grow wings son
evolve pretty quick
learn to tend a garden
ride a bus
tap the sun
because your way of exploitation
taking more than you give back to nature
your selfish way of living
is done

Matt has written and performed poetry for the last 17 years in the Lehigh Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. He has organized over 30 local poetry readings and multi-media events over the last four years and facilitated multiple school workshops.

‘Green Pond’ was first published in Lehigh Valley Vanguard

(Published in the 2017 edition of Sustainable Lehigh Valley)

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