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Envision LV – Allentown Reindustrialization Plan

Use the comments feature on this page to add your thoughts on Envision LV’s draft report on the plan for Allentown—whether it’s a response to what they included or something you think needs to be added.

If you do not agree with the findings and recommendations in these reports, it is important to get your feedback so that we can respond to the agencies responsible for preparing these reports.

Add your thoughts by adding a Comment to this page.

To see other areas for comment, return to the main Envision LV response page.

Ongoing public meetings are also being planned to get additional input.  Check the Envision Lehigh Valley site for schedule information.


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One Response to Envision LV – Allentown Reindustrialization Plan

  1. Peter Crownfield says:

    This is a good report, with many positive ideas. Many of them have been talked about for years, and there’s not much new here.

    I think the Allentown Sustainability Plan developed a couple of years ago by Allentown’s Office of Sustainability would offer a much stronger basis for sustainability in Allentown and a much better use of the grant money.

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