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We need to examine the pros and cons from a sustainability perspective of the various ways we have to generate energy. This section is a start on the effort. Some links:


…..  Wildlife & Wind: Wind turbines, especially those mounted on Appalachian ridges, kill high numbers of eagles and other raptors as well as bats, including some on the endangered species list. The impact has been understated as a result of poorly-designed studies, misreporting of data, and refusal of power companies to allow independent researchers on sites they own. This does not mean that all wind power is bad, but the evidence clearly suggests that more research is needed, and that appropriate independent studies should be required before any new wind-generating facilities are permitted.


Biofuels, Hunger & False Carbon Credits.

The Big Green Fuel Lie

Landfill Gas and Other “Biomass” (Incineration) Technologies – A Primer on Landfill Gas as “Green” Energy. Article by Mike Ewall. We need to knock out polluting technologies like “biomass” from the definition of renewables.

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