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Climate is something that affects us all. And because of global warming, we are faced with a climate crisis. We are already experiencing increasing occurrences of extreme weather, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are increasing at a rate that is likely to cause catastrophic changes in the future. We can mitigate the effects by reducing the use of fossil fuels—by reducing waste, relocalizing production, reducing the number of unnecessary vehicle trips, converting to more-efficient transportation, and converting to organic farming. And Climate Protection Agreements, commitments by governments and institutions to reduce GHG emissions and promote sustainable communities, are being written and signed.

In April 2014, the Bethlehem Area School District adopted a comprehensive Climate & Sustainability Commitment that covers academics, facilities & operations, and public engagement. [Other local climate protection agreements…]

But systemic changes are needed.

If climate is one of your interests, we invite you to join the ClimateAction email group.

If you regard yourself as a climate crisis activist, we invite you to become a member of the Climate Action community on the Sustainability Commons – contact Common Admin.

Note: This section reflects the Alliance’s goals, especially #1: Protect the natural environment on which our communities depend.

Below you will find articles pertaining to climate topics.

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