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Childhood asthma is a serious problem in Lehigh Valley

For years the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has listed both Lehigh and Northampton counties among the worst in the U.S. for air quality, and one of the worst pollutants comes from Diesel engines:

  • A 2005 report listed this area as the 14th worst metropolitan area in the entire country for asthma.

Thousands of our children suffer from asthma attacks because we have not stopped this preventable pollution. To protect them, we need to require fine particulate filters on diesel vehicles and establish anti-idling standards that cover stops of one minute or more, as other communities have done.

In 2008, the state Legislature passed an anti-idling law (Act 124) with the support of local senators and representatives. This law sets a weak standard and prohibits local communities from setting more effective limits. In effect, this law shields polluters and stops us from protecting children!

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