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Allentown incinerator plan – Documents

Waste Incinerator in Allentown – Documents

Documents related to the waste incinerator to be built in downtown Allentown:

Documents from the Sierra Club and other experts:

  1. Al Wurth – March 6 message to Allentown City Council
  2. Sierra Club letter to Allentown City Council 2012
  3. Sierra Club statement for Allentown City Council [2010]
  4. Nanoparticles from incinerators
    [statement by Dr. Paul Connett, an expert on waste incineration]

City Documents

  1. DTE’s 2011 application to DEP for a waiver, based on the claim that this is a research & development facility.
  2. DTE-Allentown Contract signed 3-29-12 – This is the contract signed by the City and DTE.
  3. RFP – Waste-to-Energy Allentown DTE – This is the Request for Proposals that led to the contract signed by the city. Some have suggested that it was written so that DTE would be the only successful bidder, despite its lack of experience.
  4. DTE Plant + Oper Overview
  5. DTE Visit M HANLON 2-21-12
  6. DTE W-T-E PFM Cost Comparison 2-1-12[prepared by PFM (financial consultants hired by City)]
  7. DTE – Company Overview
  8. DTE ACUA Test news article 2-14-12
  9. DTE Complete Combustion Chamber

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