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Indigenous People and their role in the Americas

Content in preparation (including discussion of Columbus Day & Indigenous Peoples’ Day)  

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Iran Agreement

From Faramarz Farbod*, I have provided a summary of a 8/12 Conference Call about the Iran Agreement organized by the United for Peace and Justice organization on the Iran Agreement meant to aid activists engaged in ensuring that the Congress … more

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Torture In Service to Empire

by Gary Olson Last August, our Nobel Peace Prize laureate, President Barack Obama, admitted that “we tortured some folks,” but then added, this is “not who we are.” At best, his statement was a half-truth. First, it’s not “some” folks … more

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Support Authentic Fair Trade

Join with Us to Support Authentic Fair Trade by Phyllis Robinson – Small Farmers, Big Change, January 7, 2012 Deep controversies in the Fair Trade movement have been simmering over the past decade. Today, the situation has reached a boiling … more

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Afghanistan – Ten Years of War

Following is a message from Afghan activist and former member of the Afghan parliament Malalai Joya: Message on the Tenth Anniversary of NATO’s War and the Occupation of Afghanistan I would like to thank all supporters and anti-war movements around … more

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Conscientious Objection

When a person refuses to participate in war or other hostilities on moral grounds, he or she is a ‘conscientious objector’, or ‘C.O.’. It is not for those who are afraid of being hurt or killed, it is for those who have … more

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Religious Groups Support Fair Trade

Most religions and charitable relief organizations support Fair Trade—here’s a list of organizations where we found published statements on Fair Trade: American Jewish World Services Catholic Relief Services Church of the Brethren Episcopal Relief and Development Fair Trade Judaica Islamic … more

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Human Trafficking

A few years ago, police in a town in NJ raided a suspected brothel. But they didn’t find young women working as prostitutes, they found sex slaves who had been trafficked from overseas—captives whose every move was controlled by the traffickers. Trafficking … more

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School of the Americas

The School of the Americas, renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, is located at Fort Benning, Georgia. For decades it has operated as a combat training school for soldiers from Central & South America, training Latin American soldiers in … more

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