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by Colton Krial & Leah Triber During the first month of 2014, Oxfam released a report on the state of global inequality. The fact that quickly came to define the report spoke of the unprecedented level of wealth that a … more

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Elements of Campus Sustainability

There are many inter-related and interdependent factors that contribute to campus sustainability.  This section looks at two ways to organize the different aspects of sustainability for campuses. The Sustainable Learning Community: One University’s Journey to the Future, outlines four interdependent … more

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Envision LV – Education

Use the comments feature on this page to add your thoughts on Education as it affects plans for a sustainable Lehigh Valley. Envision LV does not have a draft report on Education, although other components of the plan may cover … more

Envision LV – Community Development

Community development is often bundled with economic development, but it is focused on the people and a sense of community, rather than the economic impacts of buildings & jobs and the like. Use the comments feature on this page to … more

At a Crossroads

by Al Wurth The Lehigh Valley, like so many other regions, is at a crossroads. In choosing which path to take in regional planning, our choice is between business-as-usual, 20th century approaches, a path often characterized as “New Jersification”, and … more

Is Sustainable Urban Living a Viable Outcome of Our Current Political System?

by Dennis R. Lieb “Without systemic change, sustainable communities are not possible.” This is the opening statement from a whitepaper by Ben Price, Projects Director for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF). He is speaking here of our political … more

Public Spaces Endangered

The Fall and Rise of Great Public Spaces Why we need parks, streetlife, squares, markets, trails, community gardens and other hang outs more than ever by Jay Walljasper, On the Commons, August 5, 2012 Opponents of Copenhagen’s first pedestrian street … more

Public Spaces

This article from On the Commons makes a number of important points about land use, pedestrian-friendly environments, and building community. The Rise and Fall and Rise of Great Public Spaces by Jay Walljasper Public space is a literal commons: the … more