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Growing and Cultivating Successful New Farmers

by Heidi Secord & Gary Bloss In a recent discussion with experienced direct market farmers we asked ourselves how we and the communities we serve can encourage the next generation of farmers; and how new and beginner farmers can identify … more

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Opportunity for Engagement: Byler Farm for sale.

Janet and Urbane Byler are retiring and have put their farm up for sale. Here’s information from them about the farm. For more information, email Janet and Urbane: We have been operating an October Pumpkin Festival for 28 years that … more

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At a Crossroads

by Al Wurth The Lehigh Valley, like so many other regions, is at a crossroads. In choosing which path to take in regional planning, our choice is between business-as-usual, 20th century approaches, a path often characterized as “New Jersification”, and … more

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An Economic Argument for Trails in the Lehigh Valley

by Silas Chamberlin Most of us probably support the creation and protection of trails because they provide opportunities for healthy recreation, simple, sustainable transportation, and are aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, not everyone does. There is, however, a more pragmatic justification for … more

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Eating Locally

by Jeffrey Frank There are growing concerns in our country about the health and safety of our food. And rightly so. In recent memory we have been exposed to contaminated beef, spinach, and seafood, and those are just the stories … more

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Community Land Trusts for Local Food Production

by Stephen Hoog — Down in North Carolina, around Chapel Hill in an area called the Triangle, there is a project that is going on which may be of interest to the people of the Lehigh Valley. In that area, … more

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