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How can we create a sustainable future?

by Harris Eisenhardt The answer, I believe, is as follows: Do not mourn the loss of this planet prematurely, and do not resign to the pessimists’ comfort. Personal actions contribute to collective climate change […] we should hold ourselves accountable. … more

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Your Health Is the Result of Decisions Made by Others

There seems to be a renewed awareness and discussion of the intimate connections between your health and decisions made by others — in government and private business — about how to grow food, use of chemical pesticides, industrial products, and … more

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Claiming My Sanity

by Suzanne Hall I ’m scared. The world seems to have gone crazy, and I am a part of that world. I imagine the world as a moving body that is running towards the edge of a cliff. That cliff is … more

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Breastfeeding Awareness

(paraphrased from “The Dastardly Deeds of the AAP”, Mothering Magazine March-April 2004) The National Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign is a three-year multimedia social marketing campaign whose purpose is to carry out the recommendations of the US Department of Health and Human … more

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Mobilize Now!

by Joris Rosse Abrupt and extreme climate crisis requires all-out emergency mobilization! This is a call for General Mobilization. We must respond with our utmost willpower and intention to mitigate the existing extreme climate emergency crisis. Well-informed local citizens have … more

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Global Climate Instability and Feedback Loops Require Total Mobilization

by Joris Rosse In the extreme, Climate Instability can lead to infinitely destructive and unmanageably chaotic effects, namely the irreversible runaway greenhouse. This issue deserves top priority, as it threatens all life on the Planet. Feedback Loops kick in when … more

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The Healing Path

by Helene B. Leonetti, MD As I get further on the path toward healing, I recognize that as a physician I can impact many people. When we walk our talk, it has a powerful, mesmerizing life of its own. Since … more

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Sustaining Personal Life and Vitality

by JoAnn Jones — Whatever efforts we as individuals, groups, organizations, and/or a community are engaged in, we are all in need of practices and places that “bear us up”, that give us “help” or “support”, to “buoy” us up … more

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Holistic Health

by Dee Wartenberg To have a sustainable community, there must be consciously-aware humans who desire a lifestyle that is conducive to supporting each other, as well as the environment in which we live. Our human-ness, our individuality, and our sense … more

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