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Organic Is the Answer for Healthy Food, Healthy People, and a Healthy Planet

by Maya Rodale The idea that our health is connected to the food we eat isn’t really a shocking concept. It just makes sense: you are what you eat. What matters to our health just as much—if not more—is how our food … more

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Transition to Sustainability Without Marcellus Shale Gas

by Joris Rosse It is our fate to be saddled with feeling our way to an honorable transition from the failed market states to a possible new culture to be nurtured by the exhilarating renewal of an earlier eco wisdom paradigm. … more

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Is Meat Consumption Sustainable?

by Len Frenkel Raising animals for food requires enormous amounts of food and energy and contributes greatly to global warming. The production of factory-farmed animals is extremely inefficient in providing the food needs of the world’s peoples. More than 70% … more

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