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South Side Initiative

by Mary Catherine Foltz How can Universities and communities work together to promote sustainability? Lehigh University’s South Side Initiative (SSI) has developed a few different ways to answer this question in the past years. Recently, we worked with community partners … more

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Sustainability in the Workplace

by Rachel LeWitt In an era where even Walmart has pushed attempts to “go green”, the average consumer has been faced with the sustainability movement and its efforts in many different forms by 2011. Most if not all of these initiatives by … more

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Community Exchange

The Alliance and Community Exchange The Alliance is partnering with Community Exchange as a new way for individuals and organizations to work together to build a stronger, healthier, and more sustainable community. [More info on the Alliance’s mission] Community Exchange … more

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Sustainability Through Localization

by Gwen Colegrove and Cathy Frankenberg Change, Change, Oh Change, She Is A-Comin’! And what is driving this change? Why, the end of cheap oil. This means that our lifestyles will change. But, oh, so many of us hate change. … more

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Local for the Future

by Christina Bianco In a market economy, the main goal is to achieve efficiency. Given that this statement is true, why do businesses ship products across state and international borders when the local community is capable of supplying the same … more

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Time dollars: a local currency.

The Alliance is an organizational member of the Community Exchange Time Dollar Network. As Anne Rogers, contact person for Community Exchange, describes it in the Directory: Community Exchange is a “neighbor to neighbor” intergenerational model of Time Banks USA. Community … more

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