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Is it time for an Impact Hub in the Lehigh Valley?

by Tom Moroz Impact Hubs are part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community center.  They offer their members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow impact; they believe a better world evolves through the … more

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We’re All In This Together

by Trina Lacey-Flores Why cooperation and service create more sustainable prosperity than competition and profit Having lived the harrowing tale of a fallen industrial giant, Bethlehem should know better than anywhere that the current “system” doesn’t work, economically or environmentally. … more

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A cooperative is an organization that is owned by its members or workers. The principal types of cooperatives are: Buyer Cooperatives – where individuals unite to buy goods or services collectively [example: a food co-op such as Bethlehem Food Co-op] … more

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What Part Is Labor Playing in the Transition?

by Martin Boksenbaum Working class. Ahhh. To someone steeped in the leftist lingo freely expressed in the New York City of the 1960s, with its peace, civil rights, labor, and leftist activism, it’s refreshing to hear such culturally repressed language … more

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The Sun

by Ken Burak Summer vacation with the family in Vermont. Rainy morning. Aha! Monopoly! I decide to teach my two girls – Hannah (7) and Dhara (5)—how to play. I figure it’s best for them to learn by playing. First … more

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Big Changes in Fair Trade! [UPDATED]

As of December 31, 2011, Fair Trade USA (formerly TransfairUSA) has dropped out of the World FairTrade Organization and lowered their standards to the point where it will hurt small growers—as well as many small, independent shops here in the … more

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Support Authentic Fair Trade

Join with Us to Support Authentic Fair Trade by Phyllis Robinson – Small Farmers, Big Change, January 7, 2012 Deep controversies in the Fair Trade movement have been simmering over the past decade. Today, the situation has reached a boiling … more

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Sustainability Through Localization

by Gwen Colegrove and Cathy Frankenberg Change, Change, Oh Change, She Is A-Comin’! And what is driving this change? Why, the end of cheap oil. This means that our lifestyles will change. But, oh, so many of us hate change. … more

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Community Land Trusts for Local Food Production

by Stephen Hoog — Down in North Carolina, around Chapel Hill in an area called the Triangle, there is a project that is going on which may be of interest to the people of the Lehigh Valley. In that area, … more

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