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Renewable Energy vs. Fracking & Pipelines

by Tara Zrinski In the years that I have been part of the active opposition to the PennEast Pipeline and fracking in Pennsylvania as local organizer for Food and Water Watch and through Pennsylvania Voters Against Fracking, I have seen … more

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Creative Place-making: A Matter of Words

by Doug Roysdon Over the past few years, we have come to a new and better understanding of how this place we call our town represents a unique social and cultural opportunity. It is our place to celebrate, invest in … more

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It’s capitalism, stupid!

by Faramarz Farbod Global capitalism is the 800-pound gorilla. The twin ecological and economic crises, militarism, the rise of the surveillance state, and a dysfunctional political system can all be traced to its normal operations. We need a transformative politics … more

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Social Space, Public Discussion, Political Action

by Colton Krial & Leah Triber During the first month of 2014, Oxfam released a report on the state of global inequality. The fact that quickly came to define the report spoke of the unprecedented level of wealth that a … more

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Costs – Natural Turf v. Synthetic

One of the surprises we found in our research, is that a natural turf is often much less costly than synthetic turf (also known as artificial turf), even with fairly heavy use. The cost for each field depends, of course, on … more

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Riddle: How is Capitalism Like an Elephant?

The system is broken. Everyone knows that. But do you know that no one knows what the hell the system is? We may be missing the obvious, like the proverbial elephant in the room, that we’re blanking out to, as … more

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Sustainability Is Good Business

by Reid Boyer Forward-thinking companies realize the value in providing sustainable, renewable, organic, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, sweatshop-free, biodegradable, and locally-produced products and services. In the long run, our steadfast demand for such products will yield greater profits to ethical suppliers. I … more

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